After the advice on what next to bolt-on to my Jeep, I started surfing through every website that had accessories.  I found bumpers, winches, seats, hard tops, soft tops, lights, and O so much more.  It was a virtual cornucopia of Jeep accessories.  I’ve never been much of a car guy, but I think this little vehicle will be changing all that.  What I have learned about suspension, tires, gear ratios, lighting and relays, already has me in the top half of what people know about cars.

I guess here I should have an aside and tell you a bit more about me.  I am a Geek.  A true IT-working, video game playing, Renaissance faire going geek.   Back when I was playing Paintball I came across this patch….

…and ended up buying a new ACU jacket just to wear it.   Went to the Alliance air show and I had GI’s begging me for the jacket, and where to get their own patch.

I drove around in the new Jeep Pondering  that it should have a personality that anyone who passes me on the street will notice and only those true geeks would get.   I was Oblivious to the obvious theme right under my nose, or over my heart.   And then Amazon kindly stepped in and made it plain and simple.  There it was, just couple stickers and all of a sudden, this project started……

And there is how the concept of the ZOmBiE jEeP was born.  It wasn’t long before the wish list included anything pertinent to the impending zombie apocalypse.  And as it get’s bigger and better I’ll continue to let you know the latest wins and woes of  “Alisandrea”  (or Alis for short – the 2002 Jeep Wrangler given a second chance at stardom after 10 years of anonymity in the hands of an unappreciative owner.

Soon after I decided to make a website to document the modifications and adventures of the ZombieJeep – but to my surprise, was already taken.   S I searched for an alternative and finally saw it – right there on the side of the Jeep – Zombie WRANGLER.  It fit perfectly.  It is a Jeep WRANGLER (Def: automobile), and it’s a zombie WRANGLER (Def: a cowboy who rounds up cattle  Zombies )