After a motorcycle accident I decided to look for a more safe recreational activity, something that say, had seat belts… The poor old pickup was sitting a 260,000+ miles and requiring more work every year so I started car shopping.  Without a family to cart around I started straying toward a Camaro or Mustang, but soon realized that you can’t see anything from those low vantage points, and the first speed bump you forget to creep over can cause hundreds of dollars in body damage.

So I opened back up to a teenage infatuation and started looking at Jeeps.  Still small and maneuverable, but tough enough to go just about anywhere.  After two months scouring the internet and learning what to look for and what average pricing was I started making test-drive trips out to dealers.  After several weekends driving all over the DFW metroplex looking at new/used dealers and individual sellers I happened across an ad for a Euless specialty dealer – Just Jeeps of Texas that knows Jeeps and really cared about customers.

They had more Wranglers there than I had looked at  from all the other dealers combined.  They helped me understand the differences, and let me crawl around under and all around several different models.  The Blue one that brought me in was C-L-E-A-N, no scratches in the skid plates, or nicks in the diff.  It really looked like it had never been off the paved road, at at 50k it was very lightly used for a 2002.   I decided I had to have it.  Here it is in the showroom, and on it’s first night home.  The old Silverado is there lurking in the background.