The First Zombie Tactical Recon Vehicle

Finally upgraded the spray-paint Umbrella logo on the spare tire cover.  It served me well, got me a great parking spot on the curb right next to the ticket booth when the last Resident Evil  movie came out.  But it was kinda getting warn, and my hand painted letters were Hard to read.

Thanks to 1060 Graphics  – who provided me a couple 24″ bio hazard symbols and custom lettering for the new tire cover.  Admittedly it was hard to get the vinyl onto a soft and stretchy material.  I put another heavy-duty tire cover over the umbrella one to help stiffen the center and then as carefully as I could (and with the help of a 9 year old) rolled the decal onto the new blank cover.  Only had one tiny wrinkle.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else – so as of April 13th 2013 –  I’m claiming the title of First “ZOMBIE TACTICAL RECON VEHICLE” in Texas

Out with the old

This is me

This is me


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